It’s A Wonderful Life Personality Test

One of my better Microsoft Word creations, if I do say so myself.  This test is 100% accurate. And, unfortunately, 45% too small. You may have to click on it to get your results. I would be sorry, but I’m too full of cookies. Advertisements

It’s Okay To Hide

It’s Okay To Hide Under … Or at least, I think so. What do you hide under? (Also acceptable: forts, forts made out of blankets, forts made out of pasta, wine, mustaches, tattoos, bad haircuts, a gypsy lifestyle, lots of animals, one really big animal,stuffed animals, trees, poetry, plane tickets, fake tans, musicals, popular televisions […]

Golden Coast

Sometimes when I am walking home from my classes at 10 o’clock at night wondering if I’ll get mugged, or walking into a meeting smelling distinctly of goat after making the sweaty trek from my house to campus, I think (and never ever say out loud because that would be talking to myself and I […]