Christina Who?

Hello, my name is Christina Wolfgram.
You are looking at my blog! I like you already!
If you’re clicking on this link, I guess you want to know more about me.

My work has been published in  Medium FictionMarco Polo Arts Mag, Crux Magazine, and Americans for the Arts Blog,
That one time I studied at Oxford University, I blogged here.
Want to see some of my writing in magical video form? I’ve already Googled myself for you, so have at it.

Instead of a bio, here are some “cool” trivia facts:

I grew up on the East Coast.
I was born in a hospital that no longer exists.
My first word was my father’s name.
My first favorite book was Matilda.
My second favorite book was Harriet the Spy.
My mom read both of those books to me.
I have three siblings.
I am the palest.
When I was in 5th grade, I was allowed to get a cat. My grandma brought home two.
The day my grandma brought me two cats counts as one of the best days of my life.
(I put “cool” in air quotes for a reason, people.)
In high school I thought I wanted to be on Broadway.
I cannot do the splits.
I love to dress up.
I have a real life, super cool, extra nutritious college degree.
I get a flu shot every year.
I’ve never had a cavity.
I am in grad school for writing.
I am a terrible speller.
Mexican food is the best food.
One time I ate Taco Bell and Chipotle in the same day. And lived.
I hate texting, and yet I am constantly texting.
My worst subject in school was geometry.
When I studied for the GRE, I skipped most of the questions about geometry.
When I studied at the University of Oxford, I took a class on Adulteresses in the Novel.
The only time I have ever had the cops called on me was my junior year of high school when I was playing ‘Memory’ from Cats on repeat in my car at full volume at two in the morning.

…. Like I said, “cool.”

Or better yet, watch this:


6 thoughts on “Christina Who?

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    • They are!! I was so happy — my professor had already based most of her academic career around adulteresses in the 1700’s. My favorite was Mary “Perdita” Robinson because she wrote a memoir telling all the deets of her affair with the Prince of Wales. Win.

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