How To: Insult

Hey, you scurvy knicker-bockers. I am slightly disheartened at how few responses I have been getting for my insult contest. Some people have told me that it is hard to insult me without feeling guilty. Thank you. But that is the opposite of an insult, so you are disqualified.

I have formulated a few little chart things that, when used correctly, will help you make a fairly crappy insult. You can play around with them and customize and then, even if you think it is offensive, you can leave your results in a comment below.

FIRST, Choose a verb using your birthday month. Or the queen’s birthday month. Your life.

SECOND, Choose two adjectives using your initials. Or your two favorite letters. I don’t want to stifle your creativity!
THIRD, Choose a noun based on your favorite state.

Then, string them together. For instance, mine is:
You prance like a rabid, terrifying twig.

See how easy that was? Especially after you got over how crappy my graphics are? Now, go forth! Insult away!!


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