It’s Okay To Hide

It’s Okay To Hide Under …

Or at least, I think so. What do you hide under?

(Also acceptable: forts, forts made out of blankets, forts made out of pasta, wine, mustaches, tattoos, bad haircuts, a gypsy lifestyle, lots of animals, one really big animal,stuffed animals, trees, poetry, plane tickets, fake tans, musicals, popular televisions shows, shows that no one else has seen or cared about ever, cooking, baking, exercising, watching other people do any of these things, night dreams, childhood memories, shellfish, other people’s problems … You know what, I’m sure whatever you are hiding under is just fine.)


7 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Hide

    • Couldn’t help but notice in your About Me that your second biggest goal is to own a chocolate fountain. You and I are going to get along so very very well.

      Thank you for the comment! I’m glad to hear I could assist in a personal breakthrough 😀

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