A List

It is Monday. I have three Word documents, five internet tabs, and one Powerpoint open. I do not want to work.

Here is a list of things that I could be doing instead:

– Writing a song.
– Mowing a lawn.
– Walking to a different neighborhood where there are lawns.
– Waxing my entire body.
– Making a casual trip to the hospital.
– Knitting.
– Adopting kittens.
– Drinking Muscle Milk.
– Barfing.
– Getting skinny.
– Getting ripped.
– Ripping paper.
– Making papyrus.
– Practicing my spelling.
– Running a mile.
– Seeing how much chocolate I can buy at CVS for $10.
– Seeing how fast I can eat $10 worth of terrible chocolate.
– Inventing toothpaste that doesn’t get stuck all over the top of the tube.
– Weighing the pros and cons of tube tops.
– Buying tube tops.
– Regretting.
– Mining diamonds.
– Tanning.
– Napping.
– Becoming a beer connoisseur.
– Befriending my neighbors.
– Getting a homemade tattoo.
– Coming up with a phrase that can replace YOLO.
– Investigating ways to live forever.
– Eating McDonalds.
– Practicing my fake crying.
– Online shopping.
– Planning a heist.
– Souping up an old car.
– Looking up what “souping” means because it sounds gross.
– Rereading all of my favorite children’s books.

Maybe what I really should be doing is reevaluating my decision making in terms of the kinds of files I save.


Gigabytes well bit.


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