The Apocalypse


Since 94% of the people I love and 200% of the people I strongly dislike live on the East Coast, I have been avidly checking the internet for details on Hurricane Sandy.  I was shocked, horrified, and absolutely impressed when I came across this REAL photo of the storm:

I would like to take a moment to commend the brave journalist who clearly risked his life and/or sanity to take this picture.  I realize that this is a reality for so many people living on the East Coast (metaphorically, of course), and I am sending love and California sunshine to everyone who has been affected.  Sometimes it is a challenge to express heartfelt sentiments in my writing because I am mostly concerned with making people laugh. I wish that people would take me more seriously.

In the meantime, here is my version of the Apocalypse:

Stay safe. Treat each other well. Hug often.

Drink vodka.


8 thoughts on “The Apocalypse

  1. one question- you tagged this post with “nudity.” Is that a reference to Godzilla and the Jaws (oh there’s a dragon up there too) or is there somebody fooling around in the spaceship?

    • That is a hilarious question. I actually tagged it accidentally because I used “nudity” in a different post about Titanic. Oh well! I am very grateful for anyone checking out my blog — thanks for the comment!

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