Things You Should Get Credit For More Often

Being on time.
Being five minutes early.
Being five minutes early with cookies for everyone!
Eating three meals a day.
Eating three meals a day that have nutritional value.
Wearing sunscreen.
Walking in heels.
Sweating but not smelling.
Calling your loved ones.
Writing letters.
Writing emails.
Avoiding the overuse of alliteration.
Knowing all the words to Disney songs.
Making sure your homework is done before tuning in to Walking Dead.
Staying up extra late to finish your work because you couldn’t concentrate until you watched Walking Dead.
Making people laugh.
Being nice to people behind counters.
Tipping 20%.
Keeping secrets.
Holding in hurtful jokes.
Listening to a really boring story.
Letting people be right … when they are completely wrong.
Valuing someone’s time.
Holding the door open.
Managing to put eyeliner on when you wake up for a 6 AM commute.
Having a 6 AM commute!
Working through a mini-crisis.
Working through a giant paper cut.
Rolling your eyes only when you’re alone.
Pulling off the onesie look.
Putting some of your paycheck into savings.
Paying rent.
Deciding to make a huge life change.
Changing for someone you love.
Changing your hair color.
Changing a diaper.
Changing 800 diapers.
Crying only a little when you’ve had the worst day ever.
Bragging only a little when you’ve had the best day ever.
Limiting how much you check Facebook at work.
Cooking for yourself.
Cooking for yourself … and surviving.
Showering on a regular basis.
Doing laundry on a regular basis.
Giving each other credit for being brave in the face of daily life.
Even if that does sound a little overdramatic.

Congratulations on not completely sucking today. I know you’re trying hard to get to where you want to be. And that is why I love you so much!

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment below? (And I am not just talking to my mom here, people!)


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