Things You Should Hear More Often

Do you use whitening toothpaste?
Your skin looks flawless.
I thought you must run or lift weights or something.
Your arms look skinny.
I wish I could pull off those pants. [This can mean two things.]
He will never get over you.
How did you manage to straighten your hair when you have to wake up so early?
I’m really proud of you.
Nice socks.
You have the best laugh.
You have the best smile.
Your farts don’t smell that bad.
Thanks for texting me, even though you are super busy.
You were the only thing keeping me from lighting my desk on fire today.
Your hands are soft.
I thought of you on my walk/drive/trainride/horsedrawncarriagejourney home.
There are some things only you understand.
I understand you.
I don’t understand a word you’re saying, but I’m here for you anyway.
You deserve a cookie.
You deserve a diamond.
I want to take you on vacation.
If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?
How about I cook dinner.
You can pick the movie tonight.
I like you.
I love you.
You don’t suck.
I think you can do anything.
Thank you for working so hard.
I’ll take care of that; you take a nap.
Go home early.
Don’t worry about it.
Take an extra helping — you need to put some meat on your bones!
The coffee’s on me.
Your dress should be in a magazine.
Your writing should be in a magazine.
Your teeth are so white. They should be in a magazine.

Now you have a taste for how much I love you, you gorgeous, literate … blog reader … you.

Did I forget anything? Enlighten me — leave a comment! I will love it.


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